Jan. 3rd, 2013

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On the third day of X-mas, Mulder gave to Scully

Three Gunmen,

Two snide retorts and a global conspiracy.
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After midnight in my timezone, so here goes. We've had two lovely serious fics, and now here I am to liven the joint up. My contribution to [livejournal.com profile] 12daysofxfiles is a series of macros in the Texts from Last Night genre. If you haven't encountered these before, they are a collision of screencaps from your preferred source text and words from the Texts from Last Night website, which documents the bizarre, inebriated, sex-soaked texting lives of Young People Today. (There are a lot of these on Tumblr: the most commonly updated XF one is Texts from the X-Files; mine, which has been on hiatus for a bit, is Texts from the Basement.)

These are Mulder and Scully-centric, but other characters pop up too. Can you name the episode for each screencap? If so, I will make you a custom macro from your favorite screencap!

NSFW language, implied sex, drugs, and rock & roll )

I will, eventually, be posting these to Tumblr; hopefully this will inspire me to make more. It is a fun genre to work in...


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